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Protect your personal watercraft and keep it running at peak performance and power with Sea-Doo's selection of superior engine oils. Offering high-grade 2-stroke and 4-stroke synthetic-blend engine oils. Ensure maximum protection against corrosion and wear by keeping engine parts lubricated and clean.

I'm a personal watercraft racer. What type of engine oil should I be using in my Sea-Doo?

We recommend the XPS 2T Racing Synthetic Oil for all racers who are looking for the ultimate performance from their trusted watercraft. Specially designed for high performance or racing personal watercrafts, this engine oil is formulated with a highly evolved additive package that includes performance enhancing esters. This oil can withstand extreme operating temperatures, high RPM and heavy loads to deliver competition-level engine protection. Stay out of the mechanic's shop and on the water thanks to the superior quality of the XPS 2T Racing Synthetic Oil. Always refer to your owner's manual for indications on proper maintenance of your Sea-Doo vehicle.